Father's Day

It’s Father’s Day coming next month in the UK and I’ve been working on some designs for this for some time now. It’s a funny one for me, Father’s Day, as my girls haven’t really had a proper dad in their lives at all (I’m not very good at picking men). They say it doesn’t bother them now and they have me, but I’m sure it does and I know it has in the past. It’s a shame as they are such beautiful, confident and lovely girls and I always wonder how different things would have been for them with a constant, loving father in their lives. I am really lucky by contrast (and they are too) as my dad has always been a solid presence throughout my life and a loving Grandpa to my girls. He’s a quiet man, my dad, and he’s always been a provider…so hardworking and always to be relied upon. I come from a family of lots of girls, so strong women are a feature, but the men in the Savage family are good men and there in a crisis too. One of the designs that I’ve altered for Father’s Day is my ‘Strong Man’ print- I always think of my dad and brother as strong men- not just physically but in an emotional sense too- they’ve always supported and encouraged me to be brave and take risks, and been there when it mattered. So the ‘Strong Man’ tag relates to that as well as a physical presence.