Angela is the artist behind Mary's House Designs and through Mary's House Designs she has created sweet and colourful illustrated fine art prints, gifts and stationery. 

Angela's inspiration is drawn from nature, daydreaming and storytelling- you will see repeated natural elements, the written word and imaginative, playful elements too. The work has a nostalgic, dreamy and vintage quality to it, using collected collaged vintage papers and fabrics is integral to this, and combining this with contemporary processes results in products that combine both together in harmony.

As a trained printmaker Angela is a natural mark-maker and she uses a black pen to draw, ink to paint, and combines these with collage to create the work - each design begins it's life as an individual hand drawn and painted artwork which can then be applied across products including art prints for the home, stationery and homeware.

In her work she expresses her love of nature and uses stories, poems and her imagination to create each piece. Every idea, drawing and painting has come from experience or observation, as a child, youngster or in adult life..

The name 'Mary's House Designs' comes from Angela's middle name; the name Mary is also her mum's and Granny's middle name, so it seemed right that it should be used to represent the sweet and wholesome elements of her work. There is certainly sentimentality to the work, pureness and sweetness too, along with simplicity and a nostalgic vibe.

Angela is a Not on the High Street partner and has her worked stocked in independent retailers and galleries across the country. She is also a supporter of Just a Card, a campaign organised to encourage people to buy from artists, designers and independent shops and galleries.